About Us

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

NDMediaUK are the web design and marketing experts. We specialise in helping companies prosper on the web and realise their true potential. With our help, businesses can bring their products and services to new markets, increae brand recognition and generate additional revenue. Encompassing web design, development and marketing, our comprehensive service containts everything you need to successfully establish your online identity.


xPowered by passion and extensive knowledge, NDMediaUK are the leading web design and marketing experts.

We're not just builders

At NDMediaUK, we don't just build websites - we conceive, create and market them. Designing a beautiful, content-rich site and then leaving it to fend for itself on the web is of little use. The hard work begins the moment your site goes live- that's when our web marketing and Search Engine Optimisation kicks in.


Given the sheer volume of competition on the web, it's becoming harder than ever for businesses to stand out. A bespoke website that is slick, professional and designed to appeal to your customers is a smart way to start building your online presence.


The experienced design team at New Direction Media specialise in building custom websites from scratch. Each site we produce is fully-cutomised to suit the needs of the client. Once the website has been completed to the cusomter's satisfaction, we're ready to move on to the marketing stage.

We make you stand out

Web marketing and SEO are an essential part of what we do. Without effective promotion of your site - both on and offline - it may as well not exist. Our comprehensive web marketing service can consistently generate targeted traffic to your site. Given that over 70% of web traffic comes via Google and other major search engines, it is essential that your site ranks highly for the search terms relating to your industry. Our SEO experts have the knowledge and the patience required to get your site positioned favourably on Google.